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recheado powder el the cook
recheado powder el the cook
recheado powder el the cook
recheado powder el the cook

Recheado Masala Powder 80g | Goan Specials

Price: ₹199

Goan Recheado Masala is a traditional sweet and sour, red spice paste. It is most often used for making seafood preparations like Stuffed Mackerel & Recheado Prawns.
Our Team at EL THE COOK, found a way to bring you this essential paste in a traditional stone ground powder, Preservative Free!  

Why Choose EL THE COOK Recheado Powder?

At EL THE COOK, we are constantly looking for a new way to give you, the best tastes of India. Recheado Masala is a true representation of Goa & is culture. Simply dust on fish, prawns or even vegetables and experience the taste of Goa!

Recheado Powder is a 100% Vegan, Convenient & Easy to Carry powder with that authentic Goan Taste.  


How does it Taste? 

Recheado Masala is Spicy & Tangy, accompanied with a strong aroma of the traditional Toddy Vinegar, used to make this masala. Its usually the reason why this masala is so hard to get!


Whats in the Powder?

Goan Toddy Vinegar 
Made from Cold-Pressed Coconut Juice, Toddy Vinegar is native to Goa. Hand-processed and purified, it is used in this traditional powder to impart taste and flavour.


Premium Spices 
Hand-Selected Spices, are carefully added to create a rich and authentic Goan Powder Masala.

What Recipes can I make?

Check out our blog links below for many delicious recipes with this Recheado Powder!




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